Jan Stapleton  - Contemporary Representational Artist         

Jan Stapleton is a Sydney based, contemporary Australian landscape painter who has been exhibiting extensively in Sydney galleries and exhibitions for the past 25 years. Following an initial successful exhibition at Geo Styles Sydney Gallery in 1986 she exhibited with this gallery for several years.

During the late nineties she redefined her techniques and visual language in the development of new artworks. Using mixed media and collage, themes of women from earlier works evolved into more universal/ mythological images. Landscape themes in oil and acrylic were explored in a more experimental, poetic manner in the artist’s unique, creative interpretations of the Australian landscape. As her landscape work developed she was also able to travel several times through remote parts of Cape York, the Northern Territory and Western Australia’s Kimberley and Pilbara regions gathering material for paintings. These remote wilderness areas continue to be an inspiration in the creation of new artwork.  At various times since 2000 her paintings have been selected for major curated exhibitions at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery. She has been featured in over 19 major gallery exhibitions and her evocative contemporary landscape work is highly sought after. She is represented extensively in private and overseas collections and paintings can be viewed at various galleries in Sydney, Canberra and Victoria.